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This Spring and Summer, MashambaHack is inviting urban farmers, hackers, designers, & entrepreneurs to innovate Atlanta's urban food web with open source technology! Together, we're gonna position ATL as a global leader in urban ag tech!

It is estimated that 70% of humans will live in cities by the year 2050! There is growing pressure to feed global urban populations while demand for sustainable, local food is also rising. Although urban population pressure is greatest felt in developing nations, our own city has numerous food deserts in disadantaged communities. However, it's Atlanta's unique quality of having a strong urban ag movement, startup ecology, and technology community that can contribute to positioning us as a global leader in urban food production!

Hackathons are normally about moving fast-fast-fast, but good food is slow. Systems architecture takes time. It takes a deliberate, intentional approach to bring stake holders together, frame problems, get out the building (ie, visit farms, production sites), and continuously iterate on solutions to disrupt the long held patterns that are no longer viable.

MashambaHack and our partners, is facilitating a three-phase urban food web innovation event:
Phase 1: The Seed

MashambaHack starts with an urban food web hackathon!
Phase 2: Bloom/Fruit

After the hackathon, we utilize meetups to keep the momentum flowing.
Phase 3: The Harvest

We culminate MashambaHack with Demo Day!

Check out AT&T's events to get idea of description.

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